12Bar is the easiest way to create and share chord charts and set lists.

The 12Bar Story

12Bar started out more than 2 years ago as just a dream of a better way to create and share chord charts and set lists, and now, we are closer than ever to realizing that dream! We’ve been hard at work over the past year getting 12Bar ready. We launched on Kickstarter in September of 2014 and within 30 days had surpassed our funding goal with supporters from all over the globe. We’ve also added a new member to the team and have been making progress in leaps and bounds ever since!

Rich and Jonny are very excited for musicians of all kinds to experience the difference that 12Bar can make. Whether is personal practice, band rehearsal, studio time, or live performances, 12Bar streamlines everything you need to do and helps you focus on whats important, the music!


We have even bigger plans for the next year. An iPhone version is on its way and we hope to program some really cool ways for 12Bar to interact with the new Apple Watch. We’ve also been working on some very special hardware that will integrate seamlessly with 12Bar.

What we really hope is that you can enjoy 12Bar as much as we have and that the love and attention we’ve given to 12BAr comes through on the screen and helps you become the best musician that you can be.

No more wasted paper, empty ink cartridges and dried up sharpies!


With 12Bar, quickly search your charts and sets. Whether you’re looking for a specific lyric, artist or even location, 12Bar searches your charts and sets, delivering results so you can find that perfect song for that perfect performance!


No matter how perfect your chart is, there’s always a need to take notes. With 12Bar, making a note for your chart or set list is just a tap away. This way the bass player won’t come in early and the drummer remembers all those stops!


Perform Mode in 12Bar puts your charts front and center. Most songs are longer than the iPad screen—that’s why we’ve included song sections you can customize so with just one tap anywhere on the screen, you’re in the next section!


Once you’ve created charts, drag them to s set tile on the home screen. When you open your set, you get a simple view of your charts. Re-order them to create the perfect set list or make set notes so everyone is on the same page.

Easily Edit and Create

With 12Bar, musicians easily create chord charts and set lists by dragging and dropping tiles. It’s fun and intuitive. Once you’re done, your bandmates can edit the charts you send to keep everyone up-to-speed!

Arrange Charts and Sets

You can arrange how your charts and sets are displayed by choosing sort options like title, key, BPM and even the gig’s location!

Full Performance Mode

In perform mode, charts and sets come first! Choose to view the full chart, chords-only or text-only and notes for each chart are a tap away! Pick white text on dark or dark on white if you prefer angelic uplighting from your iPad!

Share with Facebook

12Bar connects you to your friends on Facebook and lets you share chord charts and set lists with them! It’s so easy, your non-musician friends might even want to join the band!

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